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2017 Veteran
Real name: Ludmilla
Your age: 16

Location: Germany
Member since: Today :D

What made you come to the server? Well, I am very new to roleplaying because most of my time I spent in SA-MP was in DM servers, and I asked a friend about roleplay servers and she gave me this address and website, so.. also you can notice that my English is very bad so I'm sorry for that. I am learning how to roleplay and I think this server would be a good initiative to learn roleplay

Hobbies: I like to play tennis and softball in my spare time, and I am also in love with playing the violin. But to pass time I do stitching art and I already made a few.. Occasionally I also watch anime but I'm not a very hard fan as I just started watching lately
Occupation: None :/

Additional information: None