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Closed-Invitational Test 1

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Board of information dedicated to the Closed-Invitational Test 1


  1. This closed-invitational test will mainly observe the performance of new systems. Pupils invited are expected to thoroughly test the features, report bugs on the forums and communicate concerns through discussions and or suggestions. Don't clutter the chat and staff with your emotions or issues about certain features, instead, raise these concerns on the forums where they can be appropriately monitored and looked into.
  2. Make sure to listen and follow instructions. Staff might or might not show you around the server, you will, however, be guided or shown through towns and staff will try to tailor specific instructions related to systems and testing.
  3. The closed-invitational test is meant to commence somewhere tomorrow on the 9th of February and will last as long as 30 mins to 1.5 hours. Although this can be subject to change at any time.


  1. To access your inventory you select N on your keyboard.
  2. Select on an item then select equip or arm to equip that item on your character.
  3. To unequip an item, you select the item and select the proper button such as unarm or unequip.
  4. To toggle off the inventory menu from your screen so that you can continue to play the game, you select the ESC (escape) button on your keyboard.


  1. Your player can only holster 2 weapons. This excludes the current weapon in hand, which you can drop or give to someone.
  2. Use /holster back/trousers to place your weapon on your body.
  3. You can use /unholster back/trousers to withdraw a weapon from these slots.
  4. If both of your weapons are holstered, you can quick-access your primary weapon (revolver) by pressing 2 on your keyboard.


  1. Press ENTER near your horse to mount it, there'll be a red checkpoint which will show up for this.
  2. Use /spawnhorse to call your horse to your location. It'll take a few seconds to arrive and appear.
  3. Use /respawnhorse to respawn your horse.


The whole premise of this test is to analyze how the newer systems perform, so we encourage that players who find bugs to report them on the forums so that they can be ironed out for the future.

  • Whilst stress testing the features of the server and you evidently run into problems where the features seem not to function, or you simply notice a concerning bug. It's advised not to spam the staff online at the time, but rather we encourage that you take a screenshot and fill up a bug report on the forums.
  • You should simply notify the staff in-game regarding the bug and preferably relog if the bug is problematic as in not allowing you to proceed with gameplay. (worst-case scenario) e.g. you're dead and unable to spawn.

In short: It's inevitable that there will be bugs, please do report them so that they are ironed out!


  • Verified pupils will be informed of the test and any updates to it in advance by tomorrow evening, 09/02. Including server and password information.
  • If you're invited on the server it means you're here because we want you to test the variety of features instructed to you. Don't roleplay or pick fights, stick to the initial plan.
  • We encourage people to be nice, to pay attention and to abide by the instructions given and to avoid any trolling and misbehaving. Instances like these will be dealt with promptly without any warning, by our online staff members.
  • If you do not want to wait for all the custom assets to download while waiting to connect to the server, you can download the server's cache by clicking HERE.
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