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[Guide] How to get started?


Hello there new players of Wild West Roleplay. Are you questioning yourself, how to get started? Here's a good example!
After you register and answered the server's questions, you should be able to customize your character.

Done yet..?

~!~..The server welcomes you by spawning your character at Longcreek..~!~
Longcreek is one of the main towns of our server. The most visited town!
You'll be able to find alot of people to interact with and alot of shops to buy new items!


~!~..The next thing you have to do in order to get started is, to complete the ''tasks''..~!~
Tasks is the server's way to get you started and give you few ''rewards'' that will help you while playing on the server.
You'll be able to see the ''tasks'' with /tasks
( You must complete the tasks to get the reward

~!~..Get the first tools..~!~
You will need few tools in order to complete the tasks.
Shops around the towns, selling the tools you need in order to work!
(More information about the jobs can be found here ---> GUIDE Fishing | Woodcutting | Mining )

~!~..Once you start working..~!~
You are about to get ''expirience'' that will make your ''character level'' increase by 1 once you collect the needed amount of EXP.
Once you level up, you acquired a ''skill'' point that can be used in order, to level up your skills. ( Skills can be seen with /skills show )

~!~..Task's End..~!~
Congratulations! You have finished all the tasks and earned the price of $300!
Now it is time for you to own your first horse!
You'll have to visit the Longcreek Stablemaster, head inside and type /buy in order to get your first horse!

~!~..The End..~!~
Thanks for reading, i hope that you found the guide helpful !!
If you have any other questions, make sure to find me IG or send me a forum PM!
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