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Landmarks of the Wild West


City of Fremont

Founded in 1824 by desperate settlers seeking greatness and fortune by the water business, Fremont quickly became the prime hub for trading.
The terrain surrounding the city is flat and adaptable, allowing the residents to quickly expand and construct new structures as newcomers arrived and practice in farming and plantation, using Lake Sherman as an endless water-source.

Due to its rapid growth, both in terms of population and size - Fremont became the capital of San Andreas. A light in the darkness, a place for European immigrants and others.

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Town of Longcreek

Longcreek was founded by former residents of Fremont who were looking for greater wealth, it obtained its name due to the long and relatively dense structured layout of buildings. Beginning as an empty dusty wooded inn, it slowly became a prime example of hard-work, incorporating a gunsmith, barber's shop, a brand new bank and so on.

The town is famous for its people, though. Known to be a close-knit community of locals loyal to their home, Longcreek, and to each other.
It is also one of the reasons as to why newcomers arrived and decided to stay, finding it easy to accomplish things together as a team. Alas, the discovery of a large caves-system close to the town began the gold rush - while it made the town a mining hub for the locals, it had also created arguments and rivalries.

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Mount Hagen

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